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I founded the IKO (International Kettlebell Organization) in June 2017.

We are a community of kettlebell sport athletes and Clubs for kettlebell sport athletes and Clubs.

There are two departments:

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- IKO/ SED (science and education department)

it's a community of kettlebell sport experts
We are providing exciting workshops and certifications, since 2017 we've done courses with Ksenia Dedukhina, Sergei Merkulin, Sergei Rudnev, Steve Cotter, Ivan Markov, Brittany van Schravendijk, Abigail Johnston, Kim C Fox, Oksana Nikifor, John Wild Buckley, Valentin Annenko(MMA)

KB WL logo.png

- Kettlebell Sport World League

We are Promoting local and international competition by running a Sport Calendar and total score by the end of the year to determine a best athletes and best Clubs;
We have our Sport Ranking Tables for 5 and 10min, Age divisions of Legends(50+yo) and Futures(under 16yo),

- Competition Rules and Regulations

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