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On-line Coaching

         I'm providing one of  the most effective distance Kettlebell Sport guidance.

By submitting you'll get access to a custom spreadsheet set up personally for you where I'll keep track of all your physical activity: 

       - Kettlebell Sport preparation (every exercise and every set time of work, time of rest, exact repetitions a minute);

       - GPP (General Physical Preparation). every exercise and every time of work, time of rest, exact repetitions a minute;

       - Cardio preparation (type of exercise, time and distance).

I'll be updating your spreadsheet every week, by writing you a coming week training plan.

       Every week I'll be sending you my feedback on your lifting (technique notes and other recommendations I'll find useful for your progress). 

         For that reason I'll be requesting you to submit a video of selected workout.

To start you need to do two following steps:

Step #1

submit your athletic experience form

Step #2

Choose Your service