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VIDEO RECORDING of this Certification Course will be available for rewatching by participants for the next TREE MONTHS.
For the best result I encourage you to attend Certification LIVE,
nonetheless you can get certified by watch the video recording later.

My goal is to personalized this Certification course for your needs as much as possible.

I want you to become a better lifter and better coach after you'll complete this Certification with me.

That's why I'm asking you to fill up the Certification form on the right.

Once you'll do that, I'll analyze the information, will watch your lifting and get ready to work with you.

I'll go through the listed in curriculum classes keeping in mind your current state of experience and specifics of your lifting style.

I'm looking forward to work with you!

Your Coach,

Denis Vasilev

Due to personalized format of the course the number of participants is limited to 20 people.

Certification Curriculum 

Aug 17th, DAY 1: LEVEL 1 Certification, 1st day of LEVEL 2


Warm Up routine


CLEANS technique


JERK technique


Workouts culture & structure
professional way to organize your workout


LONG CYCLE technique


SNATCH technique


Tactical planning & Workout programming
KETTLEBELL SPORT (Long Cycle, Jerk, Snatch, DHS)


Stretching routine


August 18th, DAY 2: 2nd day of LEVEL 2


Kettlebell Sport Competition Rules and Regulations
IKO Sport Ranking Table


JERK/ LONG CYCLE advanced technique


SNATCH advanced technique/ Double Half Snatch


GPP/ SPP planning and programming
General and Specialized Physical Preparation


Strategical Planning
KETTLEBELL SPORT (Long Cycle, Jerk, Snatch, DHS)


GPP/ SPP exercises technique
General and Specialized Physical Preparation


No experience is required to attend this Certification, however it's recommended to familiarized yourself with the light kettlebell(s).

Watch my educational videos

In order to get Certified you'll be asked to take

ONLINE Theoretical TEST within one week after the Course

(three attempts allowed)


Practical TEST within three month after the Course

(unlimited number of attempts allowed)

Practical TEST L1 requirements : IKO Sport Rank 3 (for any exercise of IKO Ranking tables)

Practical TEST L2 requirements : IKO Sport Rank 2 (for any exercise of IKO Ranking tables)

Kettlebell Sport Certification
registration form
Rate your curent Shape level:
What's your main goals ?
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Thanks for submitting!

Early Bird rate ends on June 30th

Regular rate starts on July 1st (L1 - $175, L2 - $300)

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