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My dear friend,

You have chosen a wonderful endeavor that is, Kettlebell sport.

This sport that will make you better in many ways.

This is a  sport of patience, skill and a strong mind.

My sport motto is:

"Train as hard as you can and you'll love to compete.

Never quit and you'll respect yourself".

Good luck!












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Kettlebell Kings kettlebells

Kettlebell Sport is my passion, my life now that have started as a hobby in 1999.

       Now, being an 11 times World Champion, a World Record Holder, Winner of all recognizable Kettlebell Sport competitions for over a decade with non stop,

       I still remember very well what it's like to have questions with no answers, being frustrated or failing to make a progress.

Only the reason I've succeed is because I never stopped trying and seeking for answers.

      I was strong and disciplined and consistent from the very beginning but I had a big technique issues, lack of mobility, and no drills to fixing those issues.

       I learned from the great Coaches: Sergei Rachinskii, Sergei Merkulin, Sergei Rudnev, Igor Novikov, Timofei Nikolaev

and being inspired by such Kettlebell Sport Icons like Eduard Ahramenko, Igor Morozov, Andrei Kravcov, Anton Anasenko, Ivan Denisov, Jonny Benidze, Aleksandr Khvostov, Ilya Tashlanov.

    All this great people by their performance and knowledge helped me to answer the questions I've had and helped me to find "MYSELF", because everyone is different and there is no universal training methodology or technique that will fit to everyone, no.

There are some general rules, but you need to follow them considering your own personality and physique to find your own the most effective way to succeed.

       I'm glad and lucky I did it, and I'm grateful to God for helping me do not lost the faith, because now I really know how it works,

And I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you!

      Yes, we all learn from our own mistakes, ups and downs, but I want to be that cushion for you, and help you to build your success likely less painful that mine was, by providing a modern, scientifically proved training methodologies (approved by Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health), effective and safe drills to establish a solid and efficient lifting technique.

       I love Coaching at least as much as I love lifting!

Seeing my students hitting a new Personal Records, or Winning a Competitions, getting stronger, healthier and confident making me so happy!!!

       It will not be easy, I guarantee that, but we'll have a good laugh and a wide smiles from the bottom of our hearts when we'll get that 10min set done! 

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COMING Kettlebell Sport Educational Events

17,18 De Juno, 2023


KB Sport Certifcations

My Certifications will give you complete and balanced

understanding of Kettlebell Sport:

- Kettlebell Lifting technique of LONG CYCLE, JERK, SNATCH;

- Kettlebell Sport Training Methodology;

- General & Specialized Physical Preparation;

- Mobility & Stretching.

Knowledge and experience of success I’ve gained over the last 20+ years, both as an Athlete and Coach. And still, I’m never stop to learn and explore.

Always looking for the ways to improve and do better. Learning a lot with each course with my students.

I’m making sure my Kettlebell Sport Certifications have the most up to date content. Always happy to share it with you! Can’t be happier seen the progress my student do!