I'm Denis Vasilev, Multiple World Champion in Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle 2 x 32kg, 101 repetitions in 10min , 85kg (187lb)
This author’s methodology is presented as the result of many years of my work, for the first time scientifically formulated and fully written.
You will find there the effective training methodology for all three kettlebell sport exercises:
Long Cycle;
Strategy programming - the way to organize your year long training cycle (Macrocycle);
Tactical programming - the way to organize your preparation for the particular competitions (Mesocycle);
Local programming - type of kettlebell workouts, duration of work sets, duration of rest intervals, pace (amount of repetitions per minute) recommendations based on your targets and present shape.
Training methodology proven by my undefeated ten years long Professional career and success of my students all over the world.

Kettlebell Sport a Training Methodology Tutorial by Denis Vasilev

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