Kettlebell Kings kettlebells

 Competition kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings are the highest quality kettlebells.

 Perfectly balanced, precisely manufactured according to international dimensions standards for Sport.

   I'm competing and working out with Kettlebell Kings kettlebells since 2013 and I love it!

   My absolute Record in 10min Snatch 32kg of 213 repetitions was performed with Kettlebell Kings kettlebell.

   As well as the World Championships in 10min LONG CYCLE 2 x 32kg starting from 2017 and up till now I won with Kettlebell Kings kettlebells in my hands.

kettlebell lifting belt "BELLEVATOR"

hand crafted for you

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BELLEVATOR lifting belts are fine leather custom-made belts by individual measurement crafted by hand .

         Careful, professional cut and stitching making this belt unique, comfortable, that will last for years.                             

Get your measurement by one of the following methods:

-  measure your iliac crest/pelvis perimeter right above your hip bone,


- take the measurement of your old belt(length), from the bottom of the buckle till the line of the holes which you usually use.


According to your measurement, the right size of the back support will be crafted for your Belt, where the taper part will do the best support of your elbows in the Rack Position, and the buckle will be at the middle and out of your way when doing kettlebell Cleans.

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